Milestone Inc.

UI/UX Design Internship



Over the summer of 2018, I was offered an opportunity to work for Milestone Inc. based out of their office in Santa Clara. I joined the Product Team at Milestone as a UI/UX Design Intern. I was lucky enough to work alongside the product managers, designers, and engineers of the company. My mentor was Han Nguyen, who encouraged me to grow as a designer and advised me on how to tackle the problems faced by workers in a corporate environment.

As an intern, I designed and prototyped screens for the new and existing Milestone products using Sketch and Flinto. Simultaneously I helped with the research on developing a new product that the product team was working on. My research mainly included remote user testing, interviews, and analyzing Hotjar heat maps.

Due to a strict NDA, I am unable to disclose any more details about the project. If you have questions about my experience or my project at Milestone, feel free to shoot a message!

Learning and Takeaways

What I Learned

Network. Network. Network.

Personally in today’s world networking has become extremely important. Furthermore, internships give you a very good opportunity to meet new people and learn from them. Reaching out to people from your industry is always a good idea as they are willing to help you out and also send them emails to review your portfolio and resume. This will help you in learning the skill of initiating a conversation and communicating. As designers, communication should be your strong hand otherwise you will struggle a lot in the design industry. Networking is a skill that will help you going forward.

Working Together With Developers Helps In Making Better UI’s

Designers often think that developers do not put in their full effort into developing what has been designed and are not supporting designers in creating great designs. But this is not true. Designers forget that there are some technical restrictions when it comes to coding a given design. As a designer, you should approach the technical restrictions in the same way as you approach user restrictions. I think there should be a constant communication between the developers and the designers when it comes to working together. It helps you in making better UI's and your product successful.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

UX Designers are problem solvers and I think a problem can only be solved by understanding it. I was a keen learner and was always asking my mentor curious questions that really had no correct answer. It helped me better understand the scope of the project and design the right kind of solution. It is common to hesitate before asking a question, however being inquisitive I personally feel is a great quality to have.

Take Every Feedback In A Positive Way

No matter what you do or how well you do it, some criticism is eventually going to come your way. I know as a designer, people get attached to whatever they are working on and when someone critique’s their work, they often get offended and start taking that feedback personally. It will only make you learn more and become a better designer. Start looking for patterns in the feedback you received, this will help you in picking out which feedback is constructive, and which is not.

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