RTX Platform User Onboarding

Red Spark Design Challenge


About Red Spark and The Challenge

Company Overview: Red Spark is a pioneer in the digital ad-tech industry. Since 2008, the organization’s mission is to deliver intelligent advertising experiences to millions of consumers around the globe. RTX Platform is Red Spark’s flagship brand. It is a self-service advertising exchange for performance marketers, connecting thousands of advertisers to a global network of top-tier traffic.

The Challenge: As advertisers go through the onboarding flow of RTX Platform, they are not funding their accounts. Redesign the user onboarding that will get them to fund their accounts. Researched, iterated, tested, and designed a solution using a design sprint framework over four days.

I am unable to disclose any more details about the project. If you have questions about the project, please feel free to shoot me a message or request access to the project slides!

Timeline: 4 Days

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